Photos: Wellingborough Northants Jee Goo August 2019

Wellingborough Northants Jee Goo 29th August 2019

A selection of photos from our Jee Goo.

It was lovely to have Mr and Mrs Collett from SCTKD Sutton Coldfield Tae kwon do in class this evening, we hope you enjoyed the lesson and come back again soon.

Was also good to see Mr Miller training too.

Photos courtesy Boro Instructors.

Sparring Workshop with Mr Bowman III

Saturday 17th August Sparring Workshop

Mr Bowman III

The next Sparring Workshop will be held on Saturday 17th August 2019 at Weaver Sports Centre (Blue Room)

10:00 – 13:00

The workshop will cover elements of Cardio, Stretching, Foot Work, Combinations, Point Stop Sparring, Continuous Sparring and a Q&A session.
Depending on numbers we may have a mini Tag Team event at the end with prizes for the winnersI look forward to seeing you there.

Summer Closure Details

Summer Holidays

Grange Park – will be closed for three weeks during the summer holidays this year. The last lesson will be held on Tuesday 30th July and then the club will reopen on Tuesday 27th August.

Wellingborough – will also be closed for three weeks during the summer holidays. The last lesson will be held on Sunday 4th Aug and then the club will reopen on Wednesday 21st August.

Wollaston will not be closed during the summer holidays, if you’ve not attended these lessons before you’re more than welcome to make the trip over to Wollaston while our other clubs are closed.

Mr Bowman will also be putting on another sparring seminar over the summer so keep your eyes out for more details.

Any questions please speak to your instructor.

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