Congratulations all our GTUK Championships competitors

British Championships Medalists:

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the GTUK British Championships.

The standards where very good right across the board.



Mr Brooks – Gold Sparring & Bronze Patterns

Mr Harper – Gold Sparring & Gold Pattens

Ms McGaughey – Silver sparring, Silver patterns & Gold Destruction/Power

Pete Davies – Silver Patterns

Jake Pursey – Silver Patterns & Gold Sparring

Lilly “Tiger” Brooks – Silver Sparring & Bronze Patterns

Katie Young – Gold Patterns & Silver Sparring

Charlotte Sewell – Silver Patterns & Bronze Sparring

Olimpia Lizard – Silver Sparring

Callie Moore – Bronze

Roger Moore – Gold patterns & Silver sparring

Gold – 7

Silver – 9

Bronze – 4

Fantastic result everyone!

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